Ljepota različitosti

Beauty of diversity

The project titled "Experience Nature" is being implemented by NVO SISTEM in partnership with the organization "Cellula" from Podgorica

Budi drug

Be a friend

The project aims to provide education and services for the LGBTQ+ community and youth to increase knowledge

Reci mi da znam

Tell me so I know

The project titled RE-ci mi da znam, rizik da prepoznam' is being implemented in partnership with the organization "IDENTITET"

Kvart kul

Queer cool

The project titled “Queer cool” is designed to protect and promote human and minority rights, specifically the rights of LGBTI individuals. The project aims to provide a different approach to work and support services for this target group, as well as to educate education system employees to eliminate discrimination regarding the rights of LGBTI individuals to their own culture and authentic expression.

The project “Let inclusion not be an illusion” is designed to support the social inclusion of children from the RE population through education and motivation of final year students. It aims to inform them about the possibilities and rights to continue their education, including the opportunity to enroll in high school. Through this form of education and motivation, a mentor is engaged to guide these students according to their interests at a specific high school level.

The project “House of Solidarity” implemented by the NGO Sistem in partnership with the organization NVU “Civil Activism” is designed to support the elderly for a simpler life in the community. It aims to improve social protection for the elderly and enhance the quality of their lives through the provision of innovative services, including psychological counseling and therapy. This project promotes an integrative approach and encourages inclusion, ultimately improving the quality of life for the elderly. It includes integrated services such as psychological counseling for the elderly, training for using electronic services (E-Health), and referral of a certain number of elderly individuals for health treatments and spa therapy (Igalo, Meljine).

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