About us

The NGO “SYSTEM” was founded in 2019, based in Podgorica. In the past, the organization has implemented a number of projects in the field of education of children and youth, prevention of drug abuse, prevention of addiction and HIV / AIDS, promotion of rights, protection and promotion of human and minority rights, promotion of multiculturalism and healthy lifestyles.

We place special emphasis on social care for children and young people, as well as victims of violence. We deal with providing psychological and legal assistance to vulnerable categories, as well as improving their position and combating discrimination and all forms of violence.
The basic vision is a society of equal opportunities for all, without discrimination on any basis, as well as a society without violence, with a quick and adequate reaction and providing assistance to victims when there is a need for it. Continuous education, support and prevention are the basis of the work of the non-governmental organization System.

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