Be a friend, join the circle

The project “Be a friend in the circle” implemented by the NGO SYSTEM with the partner organization NGO “DEC PČELICA” from Podgorica was designed with the aim of providing support for the social inclusion of children of the RE population through education on the protection and realization of the rights of the RE population among primary school students from Podgorica.

The project is aimed at providing education and services for the RE population and young people who, through continuous work with this population, will raise the level of knowledge about healthy lifestyles, risks from viruses, rights to health care, rights to education and social welfare, as well as ways to recognize discrimination.

The project is aimed at the implementation of activities related to the education of both young people and their parents.

On the other hand, the project enables the provision of free counseling services for young people and their parents. THE PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, HUMAN AND MINORITY RIGHTS.