We are on the same frequency

The “We are on the same frequency” project, which is implemented with the partner organization “ASSISTENT” in Podgorica, was designed with the aim of supporting and improving the social acceptance of LGBT people, strengthening the non-discriminatory character of the education system and eliminating discrimination regarding the right of LGBT people to their own culture.

Training for teachers

In the framework of the project “We are on the same frequency” implemented by the NGO SISTEM in partnership with the NGO ASSISTENT, and with the support of the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, training for teachers was carried out. With the training, a drop-in center at the Old Airport was officially opened, where high school students will be educated and awareness will be raised about the importance of nurturing diversity, tolerance, and the suppression of all forms of violence. Special attention will be focused on sensitization in work with members of the LGBT population.

The educational workshops were led by master psychologist Petar Marković and lawyer Tarik Ćatović with the coordination of the director of NGO System Neda Radović. After the training, the professors improved their knowledge, empathy and tolerance among differences and expressed their satisfaction that they were selected to be part of the project and announced the continuation of cooperation with the organization.