More knowledge – more health

Više znanja - više zdravlja

Within the project “More knowledge – more health” 02.10.2020. In 2008, a workshop was held on the topic of “The influence of psychoactive substances on health” for the eighth grade students of Elementary School “Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin”.

The aim of the workshop is to prevent drug addiction by forming clear attitudes against the use of PAS, as well as by developing protective skills (eg resisting peer pressure, making responsible decisions, developing critical thinking).

During the workshop, we introduced the students to the risk factors that put young people at risk of using psychoactive substances, as well as the results of scientific research in this area and methods of prevention. They watched the 13-minute film “Russian Caps”, which was followed by a discussion about the reasons why young people start taking psychoactive substances, the differences between physical and psychological drug addiction, stages of addiction, physical, psychological and social consequences of drug consumption. They gave reasons why they shouldn’t take drugs and practiced techniques HOW TO SAY NO TO DRUGS. Research shows that children most often start using drugs between the ages of 13 and 15, that is, the school age that coincides with the transition from elementary to high school. It is one of the most vulnerable periods of life (transition from puberty to adolescence) which is marked by normal, developmental, but also so-called accidental crises, not only in the life of a young person but also in the life cycle of his family. The journey into the world of drugs most often begins with the illicit use of legal substances (tobacco, alcohol, inhalants), and continues with the use of illegal drugs (marijuana is usually the first).