Defensive (immunological) system, infectious diseases and HIV/AIDS

Sixty students of ninth-grade and thirty students of eighth-grade, of Elementary School “Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin” participated in workshops on the topic “DEFENSE (IMMUNOLOGICAL) SYSTEM, INFECTIOUS DISEASES AND HIV/AIDS”, realized on February 3, 2020.

By actively participating in the workshops, the students improved their knowledge about the functioning of the immune system of the human body, the origin and spread of infectious diseases, as well as expanded their basic knowledge about HIV and AIDS. The goal of acquiring this knowledge is to enable participants to recognize behaviors that lead individuals to risk, as well as to develop skills and adequate attitudes that are based on behavior that reduces the risk of infectious diseases, especially HIV (which is a specific task, because behaviors related to HIV infection belong to the most intimate sphere).

In addition to introducing the students to the ways of transmitting HIV, we also offered them additional information (we introduced them to the way in which voluntary confidential HIV testing is carried out, in case someone suspects a possible infection). Through role-playing about the relationships of individuals and society towards HIV-positive and AIDS patients, the students identified situations in which basic human rights are threatened and thus developed a sensibility for a non-discriminatory attitude and tolerance towards people living with HIV. Through the workshops, the students gained increased knowledge and skills in how to reject discrimination and learn more about their rights.