Until it’s too late

Non-governmental organization The System is in 15.09.2021. started the project “Until it’s too late”. This educational project is designed to influence the awareness of the dangers to which children are exposed, which we are not aware of to the necessary extent, through the broadcasting of a short film. We must treat our greatest and most important treasure, our children, in the way they deserve, and do our best to ensure their safety. We will achieve this goal more easily if we fight together and contribute to it together. Pedophiles, maniacs, kidnappers and other criminals unfortunately move around our children and us. Their targets are not only girls, but boys as well. We are witnessing that many cases have been discovered, but are we aware of how many undiscovered cases there are, freely moving through the streets? Let’s think about it, let’s talk with the children, let’s be careful – before it’s too late! The short film sends the message that children’s safety is our responsibility!